The Telling of The Whole Truth

Hello Beautiful Queens, Today we are discussing one of the most important subjects on earth, the whole TRUTH. If you don’t know this, then today your life will change forever. Now listen carefully… God lives in Heaven…He is a supernatural spiritual being. He created all things. Everything in Heaven and on earth, and all creatures in them…Angels, humans, animals, flowers, trees, stars, moon, sun…EVERYTHING. God created the Most Beautiful Angel in Heaven …His name was Lucifer. God gave Lucifer power and beauty in Heaven. Lucifer then became full of pride and ego. He started thinking he could be like God….He wanted to be God! So He started going around Heaven telling all the Angels that he was going to become God and he would give them power too. 1/3 of all the angels in Heaven believed him. But Lucifer is a liar. He was created by God. He is a creature. He can NEVER be God! God, of course, saw all of this.But He waited to see who would betray Him. When they all made their choice…God threw them all out of Heaven on a strike of lightning! He sent them into the atmosphere of Earth.But we, and all humans […]

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January 24, 2017 by Jacqueline Maddison Words of Wisdom 0

The Power of Purity

Hello my Glorious Queens! Today I have an important message for you…I want you to listen carefully because what we discuss today will change your life forever. I want to tell you all about the amazing, beautiful power of PURITY. What is purity? The definition of purity is freedom from alteration or contamination, and freedom from immorality, especially of a sexual nature. We live in a world where sexual promiscuity is promoted and many think it is normal to sleep with one guy after the next. But it’s not! It’s not normal at all. My ancestors were the Kings and Queens of England, Scotland, and Ireland. In the Royal Family remaining pure and chaste is one of the highest virtues for a woman to hold, and it always will be. The world has lied to you. You will not find true happiness, true emotional fulfillment, or true love unless you are pure. You may get into relationships based on lust, but the relationship will be contaminated. They will be filled with mistrust, betrayals, lies, hidden secrets, and many impure things you don’t even want to know about. All because the foundation of the relationship was formed in impurity. The relationship […]

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