Originally from South Africa, Jacqueline Maddison is a highly driven entrepreneur and actress which has allowed her to develop many of her own projects as writer, director and executive producer. Her creativity and vision are what set her apart as a director. Each of her projects are innovative and unique, appealing to audiences of all ages across all generations. Since a young age, Jacqueline has exhibited exceptional abilities on stage and in front of audiences. With her natural charm, she can become any character with ease and inhabits each role effortlessly. She's a natural born actress.

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With GOD All Things Are Possible.

Jesus Christ

A Woman Is Made To Be Loved. Not Understood.

Oscar Wilde

Only Do What Your Heart Tells You.

Princess Diana

A Queen Is Wise. She Has Earned Her Serenity, Not Having Had It Bestowed Upon Her But Having Passed Her Tests. She Has Suffered and Grown More Beautiful Because Of It. She Has Proven She Can Hold Her Kingdom Together. She Has Become Its Vision. She Cares Deeply About Something Bigger Than Herself. It Is With This Strong Heart That She Commands Her Destiny and Rules With Authentic Power.

Marianne Williamson

Beauty is Being Yourself.

Jacqueline Maddison